Sunday, October 16, 2011

First School Field Trip

On Thursday the kids had their first preschool field trip to the Cider Mill. I took a half day off of work to go and Grandpa came along to help us. It was lots of fun! The weather actually cooperated so we didn't get wet or freeze. We got to ride a wagon train to the orchard where we picked apples. Right across the road was a pumpkin patch so we also got to pick our own pumpkins. After the train ride back we ate some lunch and had cider and donuts. The trip was capped off by a visit to the Halloween fun area where they have farm animals to pet and feed, a corn maze, and a giant hay hill to climb. The kids loved all of it and were so whipped by the time it was time to go, that they took a huge nap when we got home.

Kids at Blake's for their 1st Field Trip

Seamus at Blake's

Katie at Blake's

Helena at Blake's

Blake's Train

Grandpa Huddas, Katie, Seamus and Helena on the train

Pickin' apples

Katie with her pumpkin

Helena with her pumpkin

Seamus with his pumpkin

Grandpa with the kids on the Hay Hill

Katie, Helena and Seamus looking like a bunch of animals

Katie racing Mommy on the tricycles

Seamus on the tricycle at Blake's

Helena on the tricycle at Blake's

Mommy and Seamus riding the tricycle at Blake's

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