Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Drew and Clay Dyeing eggs

Today we went over Aunt Becca's house to dye Easter eggs. Clay, Drew, Katie, Seamus, and Helena all had a great time while Uncle John did his best to sleep in the other room since he worked last night. Sorry John! We attempted to do some decorating but I think we all ended up with more dye on us than on the eggs. Aunt Becca set up an Easter egg hunt for the kids too!

Dyeing Eggs

Egg Hunt

In other big news... about a week ago Katie decided that she was going to be potty trained. Since then she's been going on the potty non-stop and has only had one accident since last Saturday! I wish Pat and I could take the credit for it but really it's been all her. She just decided she was ready. She's been so excited to wear her princess underpants! She even wore them the whole time at Aunt Becca's today. Way to go Katie!!! Now if we could just get the other 2 on board. Seamus is good about going if we force the issue. He rarely initiates wanting to go on his own. Helena on the other hand, still wants nothing to do with potty training. I told her when she turns 3 she'll need to be potty trained and she told me she'll wait until then. The little stinker!

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