Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend at West Branch

We just got home from a little mini camping trip to West Branch. As Helena would say, "I like it!" We had a good time fishing and even caught some whoppers as you'll see in the pictures. We spent a big part of yesterday playing at the beach and some of us even got to go for a boat ride. Katie didn't like it too much, she preferred to stay back and play in the sand with Clay and Drew instead. We did some shopping and got new shoes for the trio. Seamus got to ride his bike with the big boys to the playground, which he loved. Tomorrow is the corn roast at Aunt Kathy's and we're all looking forward to that. It's almost August... where is this summer going???

Katie going fishing

Helena telling me how she likes camping

Seamus tired out from all of the monsters we're catching

Grandpa's fish

Daddy's fish

Mommy's fish

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