Thursday, March 18, 2010

Boots and Birthday

Now that we have been in the house for just under a couple weeks, we are starting to settle into a nice routine. After a few days of rainy weather we learned that the kids love to splash in the puddles in our driveway. So on Saturday we went to the mall to get Easter outfits for Katie, Seamus and Helena and ended up getting them some pretty cool rain boots. Katie and Helena got cute blue boots with flowers and Seamus got red boots with a dragon face and spikes down the backs of them. They all were wearing the boots around the house until we broke them in outside. On Monday we had my brother Ed, my brother Tim, his wife Robin and my nephew Conner come over to check out the new house. It was fun to have visitors and the kids, especially Katie, like to play with the big kids. We decided to celebrate my birthday since we would all be at my sister Deb's house on Wednesday for her annual Saint Paddy's Day Party. Everything is going well here in the new house, Helena doesn't really even cry to go "home" at bedtime anymore. The only unfortunate thing is that since Day Light Savings Time the triplets never get to see the deer anymore. The pictures are of the three in their boots and then the birthday singing.

Katie, Seamus and Helena in their new boots

Happy Birthday...

...To me

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