Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year?

Well I don't know if I like how 2010 is starting off. Here's a run down of what the New Year has brought us so far.

The countdown...

5 coughing members of our household... yep every single one of us is at least a little on the sick side

4 doctors appointments... 3 kids and 1 mommy

3 ear infections... Katie's got a double wammy and Helena has a single

2 cases of pink eye... Helena and Mommy

1 semi-healthy child... Seamus only has a runny nose and cough, hence the "semi"

0 times we've had to give the trio antibiotics until now

Overall, I'd still rate spending time with my family even with being sick as "priceless!"

Hope 2010 treats you well! Happy New Year!!

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john cave osborne said...

we've had a little stomach bug running through our household during the holidays. it made us appreciate how, all things considered, healthy our trio have been. great blog!