Sunday, December 20, 2009

St. Nick and Slippers

Katie striking her morning pose!

It's the Sunday before Christmas and I'm attempting to not be annoyed by the fact that I have to work this week. We've finished our shopping and started our wrapping but are no where near ready for Christmas yet. Today was our church Christmas party and the kids got to see St. Nick. We weren't sure we were going to make it there with the morning I was having. It was one of those days where everything you do, just doesn't go right. Just to give you an example of how my morning was going, I was vacuuming the babies room and somehow managed to suck up the cord of the baby monitor. Not only did I do that, but we have such a powerful vacuum that it actually tore the cord right out of the monitor so now we have a broken cord. Great! Maybe I should be fired from vacuuming! Hint, hint Pat...




Giving tree at church

Unwrapping gifts from Aunt Carrie

This week we also got the babies some slippers. We've been looking for some for a while and finally found some. They're VERY cute. The only problem is when they have to take them off. Lot's of tears and yelling usually ensues.

I hear noises from the other room so nap time is over... Christmas pictures on their way soon!

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