Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The numbers don't lie

Today is the babies 2 month birthday. In honor of this special day I though I'd give you a sneak peek into some of the other "numbers" that we deal with on a daily basis...

Bottles: 18 a day that's 126 a week or about a can of mix and a pre-made container of formula every day
Diapers: 24 a day or 168 a week
Wipes: a tub every few days
Laundry: 3-4 loads a day or about 23 a week
Hours we spend feeding babies: 7 a day or 49 hours a week (yep that's a full time job plus 9 hours of overtime!)
Hours they sleep at a time: 3-4, if we're very lucky!! Recently though they've not been following this. Instead, they've decided they want to be up much more, especially Helena who still believes that she should have been an only child- that way someone could hold just her and not anyone else, NON-STOP!

Hours we spend unloading and loading the dish washer: 1 a day or 7 a week.
Hours a day you can find an episode of Law and Order on tv: 18- I think our tv is usually tuned to about 90% of those episodes not that we actually watch them!
Sleep we've been deprived of... countless!

Needless to say we are loving every minute of it! Here's some pictures of the babies from today. Not only was it their 2 month day but it was also bath day. Katie is in the froggy towel, Helena is in the white and blue striped towel, and Seamus is in the yellow ducky towel.

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Suzy said...

We are truly having fun checking your blog every so often. I'm curious as to how much they each weigh now? They look like very happy healthy babies. You guy's did good.